November 24, 2020

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Battle Scraps Helping Rescued Pets Get A Second Chance




Her Name Would Become Ginger

The little orange striped mother and her 5 kittens were left to fend for themselves at the end of our road one evening in the fall of 1997.  Luckily they we're still mingling on the road when my mother, sister, and myself turned onto it that evening.  We were able to scoop up the kittens easily but the girl who would become Ginger was much to skiddish to come to us right away.  We actually came home and dropped off the kittens giving them food and water before returning to the end of the road with some snacks to try a coax the scared mother.  To this day my sister and I still argue about who actually rescued Ginger from that ditch.  I'd always thought it was me but as memories filter back into my head, my sister may in fact be right.  Hopefully she doesn't read this.  She probably will.


In the end it matters not which one of us picked her up, since I most definitely saved the kittens, but what counts is we were able to give another chance at life to a mother and her kittens.  We weren't able to keep all the kittens but found homes for them.  And Ginger, well she had a wonderful long life instead viagra samples of one of abandonment.  In fact I'm quite amazed at the time she was with our family.  Living in the middle of the woods is Northern Wisconsin, many cats came and went before and after she arrived and became family, but Ginger never disappeared, always perched atop her sunny tie wall or snuggled into her rediculessly plain cardboard box top, a favorite in recent years.  She was smart, a survivor, she avoided predators and seemed to just have no desired to wander too far and was always there when you went to find her.

An outdoor cat most of her life, she still spent plenty of time indoors as growing up my sister would sneak her inside all the time. The last couple years however she became an indoor cat during the winters while still insisting to be outside during the warmer summer days.  A real bond between her and I was forged those last few years as I moved home to be with my mother after my father passed away.  Ginger, like a puppy but without being pushy, was always there to great you and rub against your legs.  I'll always picture her snuggled up on "her" stool by the wood stove soaking up all the heat her old bones would allow.

She loved just being by people, leaving her wood stove perch many times to jump on my lap as I watched TV or hanging with the dogs on the day bed in the office if I was in there working, or following me to bed so she could rub herself all over my face as I tried to sleep.  Funny thing is I'm quasi allergic to cats if I play too much with them, but with Ginger is wasn't that bad, almost like I developed an immunity, or a super power.  I'll never know.


Ginger was unlike any cat I've ever known, smart, funny, resilient, and loving right to the end.  I've never experienced a connection like that with any cat before, but she was always in sight and never out of mind and that builds a strong bond.  I'm glad I was able to be there when she was ready to say goodbye, so I too could say goodbye, but it still hurt.

She had a wonderful life in the end, but many cats and other pets don't get a second chance like Ginger did.  Abandoned, neglected, beaten, many animals still desperately need our help and second chance.  That's why I personally along with Battle Scraps would like to make a difference in some animals lives.  Give them a chance to have food, water, shelter, and find a good home.


We are looking to raise a minimum of $100 to donate to our local shelter here is Washburn, Wi called Helping Paws Pet Rescue.  100% of all donations received from January 22-29 (update from 1-22 to 2-6) will go directly to the shelter and you can rest easy knowing exactly where and how your gift is being used to help some animals who greatly need and deserve it.  But we'd like to do even more.  Eventually we'd like to reach out to other groups that support animal rescue in Wisconsin, groups that might help animals in your area.  So please leave your comments below with any suggestions or contact us through our contact form about any groups that might fit our goals.


After the dates mentioned above we still will be taking donations for pet rescue and adoption but a small portion will come out for our continued efforts in actively supporting and connecting with animal shelters/organizations around the state.  Below we have a donation button setup securely for you to donate any amount you can.  Once we tally up all the donations in our account at the end of the week we'll write out a check to Helping Paws Pet Rescue and present it to them.  Everyone who donates in this first week will get a special mention in a follow-up article on how we did in reaching our goals and future plans in helping rescued pets.


We still have two loving dogs at home, but Ginger really helped remind me how special a rescued pet can be and how much they deserve a helping hand.  Please become a part of that helping hand and click on the donation button below.



Thank you!!


Peter Mikhael


  1. Nate Kahler says:

    Hey Peter and all the teams…Love the show! I watch it  faithfully every Saturday morning. Anyway, sorry to hear about Ginger, our animals sure get close in the relative short time they are around. I lost a German Shepard a year ago and still think of him just about everyday. Found him up in the northern woods while hunting ,no tags but the nicest dog. Tried to find an owner but after exhausting all the avenues I could he ended up coming home with me for 13 years The best dog of my life! Well anyway, thought i should donate so thanks for reminding me to give something for the gift I received…Keep up the awesome work on the have got some great teams ..gonna be a task to choose who to vote for!      Nate from Team BowBrothers

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