January 22, 2022

About BS


The Show


Battle Scraps is an online based reality hunting competition series featuring average, down to earth, everyday, hunters. Competitors who take part in the Battle Scraps series, whether a 2 person team or a solo competitor, film their own hunting adventures as best they can.  Battle Scraps is not about big celebrities, fancy camera crews, expensive products, high fences or "trophy" animals, its about the story of the regular un-paid hunter and THEIR experiences in the outdoors, all captured on $300 HD cameras from your local electronics store.  


While Seasons 1 & 2 consisted of 2 person teams from Wisconsin, Season 3 and beyond is set to follow ANYONE from ANY STATE in both team and solo competitions.  Currently 3 specific show concepts are in production, a food plot competition show, a solo battle competition, and our original 2 person hunting competition.  You can find more information about how YOU can be on Battle Scraps by clicking on the "Apply for BS page' in the main menu above or by clicking here.


Any show of the Battle Scraps Series tentatively consists of 10-13 competition episodes with an average of 10-12 minutes per episode.  Shows typically will “air" new episodes weekly on Fridays for about 13 weeks starting January of each year.


The History


Season 1 consisted of teams who made it to the top 20 of the popular Sportsman Channel show, Batttle of The Bow,  but were not cast in the final 10 spots to appear on the show.  The Battle Scraps concept was originally born when one of the teams who did not make BOTB casually said "we should make our own show" to Amy Sharp, another non-cast competitor and wife of field producer/editor Joe Sharp, at a gas station on the way home in 2010.  A quick discussion with producing partner Peter Mikhael and the rest is history. While Battle Scraps may have been a direct result of Battle of The Bow's elimination process in 2010, Battle Scraps was and is not associated with or produced by the producers of Battle of the Bow.


The Future


Battle Scraps IS produced by Peter Mikhael and Joe Sharp of Big Rock Outdoor Productions which is based in Northern Wisconsin. With a combined 50+ years of experience chasing big bucks and other game along with 10+ years of experience filming and editing in the outdoors, you can bet the future will always bring something interesting to watch in BROP productions, and Battle Scraps is no exception.  Besides ideas for new online competitions in the Battle Scraps series, there are even plans to produce a "Top Scraps" show for TV in which all winners from the online series shows will WIN THEIR SPOT ON THE TV SHOW and battle it out the following season to be the official Top Scraps.




We always do wish all competitors the best of luck and look forward to watching their seasons play out.




Thanks for All the Support!!!