December 9, 2021

Behind The Scenes

Welcome to the 'Behind the Scenes' video section.  The following video series that "airs" every 1 to 2 weeks will take fans and hopeful competitors behind the scenes of producing Battle Scraps. We'll cover anything from current issues, competition rules and expectations, previews, product reviews, bonus footage, and really, who knows at this point, its wide open.  But hopefully it will always be educational and fun.  Thank you for stopping by!



BS3 Behind the Scenes #2 – "Choosing Footage for an Episode"

In this video we discuss how we decide which footage or hunts to air on each episode, plus we take a look at one of the series prizes this year.  runtime – 9 min


BS3 Behind the Scenes #1 – "Keeping it FAIR for everyone?"

In this video we discuss a voting issue that happened recently.  runtime – 22 min