December 9, 2021


Season 3 Prizes



2 Buckets of SEE MORE DEER's "Early Late Show" blend

Early Late Show by See More Deer is an annual spring planting food plot blend that will provide good nutrition (high protein) during the fawning and antler growing months while becoming a super mid-late fall attractive food plot with its soybeans and brassicas.

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2 OIOI "Up Your Odds" Hunt Starter Packs

"Up Your Odds" starter packs by Outdoor Ideas Outdoor Inventions include a little bit of everything to help you make the most of you time in the outdoors no matter what you're hunting.  Each pack includes 1 of the following:  Apple scent stick, Berry scent stick, Molasses scent stick, Pine scent stick, Scrap This scent stick, 2 oz Scrap This bottle, 16 oz Scrap This Shake N Scrap mock scrap dirt, 84 oz Shake N Bait, 48 oz Shake N Bait powder, Buck Bar, and Silhicorn 14 pack of corn decoys great for Duck and Goose hunting.

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2 Fieldtorq Viscerator Gutting Knives

With the Viscerator by Fieldtorq Knives you'll be able to field dress big game up to 80% faster and its safer to use.  The Viscerator replaces all other field dressing tools, splits the pelvic bone and sternum like a can opener all while never cutting the intestines. Pack light and work smart with the Viscerator.  If you'd like to watch the Viscerator in action please check out the video in our equipment demo section by clicking HERE.

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1 Covert MP-E5 Scouting Camera

The MP-E5 game camera by Covert Scouting Cameras is simple to operate, reliable in the field, and effective at monitoring your property and wildlife.  New in 2013, the MP-E5 comes with 4 Pre-Sets. These Pre-sets are fast and easy to change in the field because of their pre-programmed functions allowing you to tailor the camera quickly to whatever your setup may be. The MP-E5 is sure to become a consumer favorite! 

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2 12pk of Wildlife Energy Shots

Wildlife Energy Drink (and shots) is an intelligent, functional drink carefully formulated for times where extended endurance is needed. From early morning hunting adventures to late-night fishing expeditions, Wildlife Energy Drink can increase your vigilance and wakefulness, improve concentration and reaction speed so you can bag that buck of a lifetime.

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1 4pk of Viking Broadhead

Viking Broad heads by Schmeisser Archery uses the "falcon principle of aerodynamics" and "axe principle for maximum penetration" in their broad head design.  Visit their website to see just exactly what that means and why its gaining ground in the industry.

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12 of "The Bow Keepers"

The Bow Keeper by Hunter Logic LLC is designed to help you stay hands free while keeping your bow close and ready at a moments notice.  And the Bow Keeper isn't just for keeping your bow close, hang calls and other hunting accessors exactly where you want them and don't worry about having to dig them out of your pocket when you only have seconds to make the right move. You can watch the Bow Keeper in action on our equipment demos page by clicking HERE

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Jim's Meat Regular and Jalapeno Pepper Sticks

Jim's Pepper Sticks by Jim's Meat Market are tasty, hunger satisfying snacks for in the field, on the water, and anytime in between. Jim's Meat snack sticks can be found in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, North Dakota, and Iowa at this time but you can order online as well.

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