December 9, 2021

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Join the Battle with New Format for Season 4


If you are or have been interested in being a part of the Battle Scraps Hunting Competition, Season 4 might be the chance you’ve been waiting for.  We are changing the format of the competition for Season 4 in a effort to make it more affordable for anyone to be part of the competition.  Instead of teams needing HD cameras, filming their whole season, and sending in all their footage at a cost of $700, competitors can submit one filmed and edited hunt for the competition at a cost of $225(which a sponsor can cover)!


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It's Simple.  Here's the details…



The Competitions:

There will be two online competitions in Season 4.  There is the 2 person original Battle Scraps competition & the 1 person Solo Battle competition.  Each competition will accept up to 20 submissions(filmed hunts) on a first come first serve basis.  It is the responsibility of the applicant/competitor to film AND edit the hunt following a few basic Battle Scraps guidelines and submit the finished video in digital file on a data disc.


The Prizes:

Each competition will have 2 parts.  First, the Tech Battle which is based on quality of the hunt and the winner receives cash & prizes.  And second, the Fan Battle which is based solely on getting the most votes for your team by the end of the competition even if you're already out of the running for the Tech Battle and the winner receives some hunting products.  Each season has been different but past prizes have been:  Gamehide clothing, See More Deer food plot seed, Covert trial cameras, OiOi Attractant products, FieldTorque Knives, a free head mount, Deer and Deer Hunting subscriptions, The Bow Keeper, tree stands, broadheads, and more so you can look forward to some useful hunting products as prizes in the Battle Scraps hunting competition.


The Cost: 

It costs $225 to submit your hunt for the competition.  $25 of every submission goes to the cash prize pot.  10 submissions = $250 cash prize for the winner.  20 submissions = $500 max cash prize.  If you sometimes film hunts with someone and sometimes by yourself you may submit one solo hunt and one 2 person filmed hunt but each will cost $225 (can use a different sponsor or the same sponsor for each).


Team Sponsor: 

You may have and showcase/highlight 1 sponsor in your video as your team sponsor.  Hence you can find a sponsor to cover the cost of entry.  You may have a sponsor cover all of the cost, part of the cost, or simply cover the cost yourself and promote one of your own outdoor projects, products, or ideas.  You will have to work that out with a sponsor but $225 must accompany a submission contract to officially enter and hold your spot.  Specifics about what a sponsor "gets" for being a team sponsors(like links, promotion, etc…) are highlighted in the submission contract as a sponsor representative will have to sign as well if different from the competitor.


The Video(Hunt): 

Details about the hunt and video itself are listed below as well as expanded in the guideline e-book and points system.  However each hunt will be uploaded to the Battle Scraps youtube channel and embedded on the Battle Scraps website for fans to view starting sometime in December.  Then in January newly produced elimination episodes will start airing weekly or bi-weekly for about 7-11 episodes.  (being online we don't have to set everything completely in stone yet)



Video Guidelines


1- Video must be between 5 and 8 minutes long. Under or over this time limit can affect your chances of winning.


2- Video must have a short intro (no more than 1 min) introducing the hunter(s), the hunt, and thanking their sponsor.


3- Video must have a short closing thank their sponsor and encouraging people to go to the battle scraps website and vote


4- The video must contain a kill.  The animal in the hunt can be any type of North American deer (whitetail, muley, etc..), Pronghorn, Elk, or Moose.  In the future we may expand or separate these choices.  


5- No graphic logos other than the Battle Scraps logo or your sponsor’s logo can be used in the video.  Heavy promotion of other companies and products should be edited out from the hunt as much as possible to keep from losing points.


6- The video and hunt should be ethical, safe, and appropriate for children to watch(not too graphic in general).  You may hunt with any legal weapon and use any legal attractants like scents or baits as long as they are allowed in your area.


7- The video can be SD or HD but should be filmed/edited or converted to 16:9 viewing aspect ratio.  You may also use more than one camera to capture video.


8- The hunt can be from the past or one you film this upcoming season (AND.  It's okay if the hunt is from or for another project, dvd, etc…)


9- You can use any music you like as long as its not copyrighted or you have permission to use the music.


10- The video must be submitted as a digital file of high quality as it will be uploaded to the internet and used for further editing during the competition shows.


11- Video will not be judged on how good the editing or music it, but on the quality of the footage and types or elements of footage provided.  Meaning do you have the right story telling elements type of footage.


12- Battle Scraps(Big Rock Outdoor Productions) retains the right to use any footage from a submitted hunt indefinitely(but so do you of course).


Timeline of Events:

We will accept video submissions until we reach 20 submissions or until Dec 1st, which ever happens first.  Each submission should have the video file accompany it.  All videos will then be uploaded to the website by or before January 1st for general viewing.  Then starting the first week in January (day still TBD) we'll air a weekly or bi-weekly Battle Scraps episode discussing the hunts and eliminating several teams each week for about 7-11 episodes depending on whether or not their is a full roster of teams.


Competitor Responsibilities:

As a competitor of Battle Scraps you are expected to be ethical, legal, and respectful at all times.  This means in the video and during the competition whether its offline or online like on facebook.  Teams are required to make a Facebook team page and Huntdrop bio page in order to promote your team, your sponsor, and Battle Scraps as well as help you get votes for your team in the Fan Battle.  Competitors will also be required to send in a hunting photo and company logo for your sponsor to be used on the Battle Scraps website and in the show.  Specifics and Instructions on "How to" do this will be outlined in the guidelines ebook.



The Downloads (contracts, rules & guideline, etc…):

* must read these



BS Season 4 Team Sponsorship Contract PDF -> CLICK HERE


BS Season 4 Hunt Submission Contract PDF  -> CLICK HERE

BS Season 4 Competition Instructions Ebook PDF -> CLICK HERE

BS Season 4 Judging and Points System PDF -> CLICK HERE



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Final Thoughts:
This is a real competition, where you can win real cash and real prizes but we urge you to have fun with it.  Don't get too worked up about anything and don't worry if things aren't perfect or you don't agree with everything or ever decision.   Don't think you have to be the greatest outdoor filmographer or editor in the world to enter.  If you mess up a line in the video, just do another take, in fact do several takes till you're happy with it.  In the end, you might win some cool stuff but you might not win anything, this could be your big break in the outdoor industry but it could simply be another stepping stone in your journey, or you might even decide you don't really care whether you film your hunts or not.  So be passionate, but just relax a little and have fun with the competition and people involved.
The Next Step

Now that you've read and watched everything, the next step is to either get working on your video and submit your hunt or ask some questions.  So if you still have questions, and even if you don't, just fill out the form below to let us know you're interested and we'll contact you within 48hrs.  Thanks for your interest in Battle Scraps and we looking forward to having you in the competition.