August 3, 2021

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Wanna Be On Battle Scraps? It’s easy, just apply!

Okay, first and foremost, sorry for not getting up these details like 3 days ago.  Between two videos shot for this, audio issues, and a GIANT headache trying to switch servers for our websites, it's been a crazy week.  But now it's time for business on…

So alas, instead of making you wait for the video, you deserve the details so we can get Season 2 of Battle Scraps in motion.

Selection Process UPDATE 8/7/11:  Depending on the number of applications that come in, we're actually guaranteeing the FIRST 6-10 spots on our show(s) to the first 6 – 10 applicants, and then there will be a selection process for the remaining spots so everyone who applies has a chance.  But this means it doesn't matter how good you are or if you never filmed a hunt before, the bottom line is if you are 1 of the first 6 rookie applications (possibly up to the first 10) you ARE ON OUR SHOW.  But you do have to understand and agree to our application guidelines below.  Basically applying means you understand them.  (FYI – 2 of those spots are already taken)

Here they are:

1 – Battle Scraps is NOT limited to Wisconsin residents.  If you live in the US, or heck, even Canada, and you want to be on Battle Scraps you can apply as long as you keep in mind all the application "requirements".


2 – We will do one show for sure, and a second one this year if the stars align right.  That said, the first show would be a graduate show that included teams from BS season 1, BOTB season 1 and 2, any former Dream Season team, and really any team that was on a hunting show before but can no longer be on it again.  Essential this is a show of the True Battle Scraps.  If you know teams or individuals who fit this description we'd love it if you encouraged them to apply (of course only if they love doing this like we do). Thanks!

The second show would then be our Rookie class show of teams who've never made it to a show but would like to trying filming their hunts and have some fun.  So, if that's you or someone you know, spread the word.  Thanks!


3 – If your team is selected to be on either show(first 6 rookie apps are "selected" automatically), there will be a $500 entry fee.  This covers show costs/production cots, etc.  We do encourage you to seek sponsorship for this fee in which they then become your team name with exposure on every show, on the website, and other avenues.  But it's a great way for a local businesses to support a local team while not breaking the bank account on advertising.  Bottom line is, we will do everything to help you secure your sponsorship with detailed stats, promotions, and even talking with them ourselves.  If you're applying, feel free to start putting out the word that you're looking for support.  

UPDATE 8/7/11: Just wanted to be clear on this as we got a few questions.  If you are worried about the $500 entry fee or finding a sponsor for it, don't let that stop you from applying because it's not a major deciding factor as we are working to have sponsorship in place for a team who may need it.  We still encourage you to get your own (again we will help with if they need more details) so you can promote your area and your community members, basically your hometown pride.  That's why we're looking for teams across America. With that said though, keep in mind that to be one of the "guaranteed first 6-10 applications" you agree to pay the fee even if you don't have or find a sponsor.

UPDATE 8/12/11:  If your team ends up requiring one of our sponsors for your team sponsorship and entry fee, in an effort to be far for all the work we the producers and production does lining up show partners, your team will have a minimal fee of $65 per person to be on the show.  Again if you find your own sponsor, which we can help with by talking to them for you once you find interested parties, 100% of your entry fees will be covered.  

4 – On Battle Scraps you will be required to have your own camera equipment.  We also are 95% sure we will also require HD but the nice thing about our online platform is we can work with many different cameras including the base consumer HD cameras.  If you're looking to get one, we like and prefer basically any HD Canon model ($250-300 + at Besy Buy or online), but we can work with others. Obviously the more you spend the more features you get but they all take great quality video and have a mic jack should you ever need it. We'll have details on cameras in the coming weeks but feel free to ask any questions before then. 

UPDATE 8/7/11: As for cameras we may or may not require HD this season but we encourage you to apply regardless of the kind of camera you have.  The main reason we'd WANT HD footage is as we move into television in the future and re-use some of our best footage (meaning you could be on tv in the future just for being online now) we won't be able to use none HD footage as most channels are requiring it now.


5 – Lastly, if you're okay with what you've read so far, all you need to do is apply to be on Battle Scraps.  Again the first 6 and maybe even first 10 applications get to be on the show(s) as long as you agree with the details above.  And by the way, even if you're a little concerned about one thing or another, apply anyway and let's discuss what you're thinking.  So apply in the following manner:

How to Apply for Season 2 of Battle Scraps

1 – Go to the "Contact Page" in the main menu above (far right in main menu).

2 – Fill in the contact form with your name, e-mail, and "BS show application" in the subject box.

3 – Then in the message box answer/discuss the following questions/instructions.

Please answer the following

1 – List your name and your partners name, best e-mail for each of you, best phone # for each of you, and what state you are from.

2 – List what show you are applying for (graduate or rookie class).

3 – Tell us a little bit about yourselves and about your enjoyment of hunting (I assume you enjoy it).

4 – Tell us about your experience hunting together, if you have, how long, what camera do you have if you do, etc.

5 – Lastly, tell us why you wanna be on Battle Scraps, then click "Send".

So there you have it, a few instructions, little writing, and one mouse click and you've applied to be on Battle Scraps.  By the way it's certainly not asked for but if you have any videos (youtube, etc.), links/photos (Facebook), that you'd like us to check out feel free to include them in your app as well.

We'd like to see all applications in by August 15, 2011, so that we can announce the teams and shows the following week. Thanks so much for your interest in Battle Scraps and good luck to everyone.  I look click here forward to hearing from you and hopefully working with you!

Your friend in the outdoors,

Peter Mikhael

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