December 9, 2021

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Battle Scraps Season Two is Almost Here!

Welcome back fans, its been almost 1 year and Season 2 of Battle Scraps is about to begin.  Same great competition with new faces and some familiar ones too, like season 1 champs Larry Boggess and Boudy Vier.  This years competition will feature 4 teams from Wisconsin and you can check them out on the teams page.  

For season 2 we'd also like to welcome and give a big thanks to our new title sponsor, White River Ag Products out of Mason, Wisconsin.  Their support has helped to grow our show for the second season and beyond.  You can learn more about White River Ag Products by clicking on the image below.

Its been a whirlwind year from a producers stand point lining up teams, coordinating team media, talking to sponsors, and laying the groundwork for season 2.  What is really exciting is, while Battle Scraps Season 2 has yet to begin, we've put things in place that allow us to announce that next year Battle Scraps will be expanding into 5 state specific competition shows.  

We plan the following state shows of Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois for Season 3, but want to hear from you, the fans and potential competitors, on which states you'd like to see. Don't worry if you don't live in one of those states, it can always change, and eventually we'd like to expand to include the whole country in some fashion. Without getting into details, these state shows will compete to crown a state winner.  The winners will then compete against the other state winners the following season to crown ultimate TOP SCRAPS in a show TBD with bigger prizes and bigger pride which may be produced for Television.  

But lets not get ahead of ourselves too far, we've got to get through Season 2 first!  Expect details to be released throughout the winter here on but this is the official announcement to "contact us" if you're interested in applying to be on one of the shows next year.  Just cialis générique send us a message from the CONTACT PAGE.  

We're excited to be back and bring you another fun competition.  Thanks for sharing the ride!!

Battle Scraps


  1. eric says:

    I think this is a great idea!!! But I would change the name!!!

  2. Eric says:

    To be honest I dont know? But  the Scraps thing is just not cool sounding and who likes scraps anyway!! lol keep up the good work on the show I watch it every week!!

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