September 17, 2021

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Battle Scraps Partners with See More Deer and Lulich Implement for BS3

Battle Scraps is proud to announce some new partnerships for Season 3.  See More Deer by White River Ag Products has come on board as the title sponsor of the series and will be featured as part of the Buffet Battle Challenge segments in the series.  See More Deer is a food plot seed product line produced by White River Ag Products, also a partner, in Northern Wisconsin.  You can bet if they can develop and grow attractive food sources in the frigid North, they'll grow anywhere in between.  You can check out their product line at 

Also on board and headlining the Buffet Battle Challenge food plotting segment is Lulich Implement out of acheter du cialis en ligne Mason, WI.  It would only make sense when it comes to growing food plots, to partner with a business who deals directly with farming and food plotting equipment.  While Lulich Implement is based in Northern Wisconsin, their vast inventory and superb service attract customers from all around the midwest.  If you're looking to get into food plotting be sure to check out them out at

We here at Battle Scraps are glad to have both See More Deer and Lulich Implement as part of the team for Season 3.  Please check them out as we wouldn't be able to put on a great show like we do without them and all our partners.

Details for New Battle Scraps Shows in Season 3

Battle Scraps is currently in the process of expanding from a one state, one show program to a multi-state 6 show series for Season 3.  We're looking to have 5 different state competition shows and we'll have 1 series special competition about food plots.  As stated before, we're researching which states really have the desire to have a show by the feedback and response we get from its residents.  We're doing this by asking people to fill out a pre-application questionnaire that you can find here.

States we're currently looking into are Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Maryland, Iowa, and Illinois. But nothing will be set until April 1st.  Then hopeful competitors in the 5 chosen states can start the official show application process with a deadline for all applications of July 1st 2012.  Teams for each show will then be determined by July 14th and required to have their contracts signed and in by August 1st 2012.




State Show Series

The regular Battle Scraps series will again follow two person teams from the chosen states as they take us through their 2012 hunting season which can include other game besides deer.  If you hunt it, why not film it.  However the following will be some of the new requirements the teams will need to adhere to:

- Teams must hunt with partner or another camera person AT LEAST 95% of the time.  (Most single person footage will not be allowed)

- Teams will be required to have specific filming gear, including an approved HD camera.  If your starting from scratch, you can pick up all the needed (minimum) gear including camera for right about $500, its absolutely crazy how reasonable it costs to get starting filming hunts these days.  The list of the gear will be posted later.

- Teams will need to have a sponsor (team name) as part of the application process. However, we will reserve one spot on each show for a team who has not yet found a sponsor so EVERYONE who applies has a chance to make the show.  We will also provide a Team Sponsor Media Kit download so that you can start talking to local businesses about the $500 entry fee/sponsor before you apply if this is something that concerns you.  We feel this is a great medium for us as a series to support local economies via "Main Street" businesses and for these local businesses to support their community members & customers who appear on the show.  

- Teams will have a strict footage submission schedule to follow.  Footage will be sent in Bi-Weekly, no matter if you are "going to hunt tomorrow" since you'll have extra SD cards anyway, and teams will be required to fill out a "Footage Detail"  form each time they send it in. Details of what exactly will be required on the form will be posted later.

- Along with the regular footage of hunting, teams will have specific segments to film like interviews or sponsor promos.  There will be specific deadlines that they need to be completed by.  This is not only a requirement for Battle Scraps but should be looked at as a responsibility to your sponsor who decided to support you.


Buffet Battle Challenge Series

The Battle Scraps BBC series, which will focus on showcasing teams who use and manage food plots as a major part of their hunting strategy, will have the same requirements as listed above for the regular state shows, but will include the following additional requirements:

- Teams must have the  ability (or access) to plant & hunt your own food plots.  So you either have to own, lease, or just have permission to plant food plots where you hunt.

- We are looking for Teams based on three levels of investment that people spend on food plots each year.  We don't just want to show you the big spenders like you see on a lot of TV shows, we want to show you real world applications that really anyone can afford.  So we'll be looking for teams in three categories: 0-$300 spent on food plots, $300-$1000 spent on food plots, and $1000 on up spent on food plots. This includes lime, fertilizer, equipment rental, and any other typical fees associated with food plots.  "Buying a tractor" does not count as a typical yearly expense. That means if you usually plant one 1/4 acre food plot a year to hunt, you have as much chance to make the show as someone who plants 5 acres in food plots.

- Teams will be required to use only White River Ag Products seed blends in their food plots. If you are one of the teams chosen, you will receive a $50 dollar coupon towards your purchases as it pertains to your level, meaning if you usually spend $200 dollars, the $50 counts as part of that amount.

- The teams will be required to film more than viagra suisse sans ordonnance just hunting, so since BBC is food plot centered, teams will have to film their entire planning, planting, and maintenance process.  Teams will also be asked to share their personal tips on what they have found over the years that helps make their food plots successful. (also note, you can also be planting food plots for the very first time but sharing what you are trying to do)  While this show will be centered around best practices as suggested by White River Ag Products we want to showcase real world experience and examples from average everyday hunters.


The Icing On The Cake

There will be a nice little prize package for the winners of each show but the teams will be fighting for the chance to stay alive and compete the following season on what will become the "Top Scraps" show and the new season of BBC.  To break it down, the 5 winners of the state shows would become the roster for the "Top Scraps" show and the winner of BBC would be guaranteed a spot on Season 2.  Now the icing on the cake is, if things go as planned, both of these top shows will be TV productions. So from Season 3 on, every team that makes a state competition show, will be fighting for the ultimate chance to compete on TV.  

But we need your help.  If you are even remotely excited about where this is headed and how you might be able to be a part of it, then you need to help us spread the word.  Tell your friends about us, post about it on facebook, or even start a discussion on your favorite hunting forum but we appreciate any and all support.

Together, we can build a strong community that allows average everyday hunters like you, who've always dreamed of filming their hunt for everyone to see, to actually and logically realize those dreams.


The Next Step

We will soon create pages for each show with even more detailed information about and other aspects of the whole application process.  But right now you can really help us out by taking a few minutes to fill out the Pre-Application Questionnaire and by spreading the word about Battle Scraps. The more questionnaires filled out by people in your state, the more likely your state will be one of the 5 chosen for Season 3.


#1 – Fill Out Questionnaire Here

#2 – Spread The Word  (e-mail, facebook, word of mouth, newspapers, forums, etc..)


Thanks for your support, we love doing this (even with rookies), and we look forward to meeting many more of you soon!

Battle Scraps Season Two is Almost Here!

Welcome back fans, its been almost 1 year and Season 2 of Battle Scraps is about to begin.  Same great competition with new faces and some familiar ones too, like season 1 champs Larry Boggess and Boudy Vier.  This years competition will feature 4 teams from Wisconsin and you can check them out on the teams page.  

For season 2 we'd also like to welcome and give a big thanks to our new title sponsor, White River Ag Products out of Mason, Wisconsin.  Their support has helped to grow our show for the second season and beyond.  You can learn more about White River Ag Products by clicking on the image below.

Its been a whirlwind year from a producers stand point lining up teams, coordinating team media, talking to sponsors, and laying the groundwork for season 2.  What is really exciting is, while Battle Scraps Season 2 has yet to begin, we've put things in place that allow us to announce that next year Battle Scraps will be expanding into 5 state specific competition shows.  

We plan the following state shows of Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, and Illinois for Season 3, but want to hear from you, the fans and potential competitors, on which states you'd like to see. Don't worry if you don't live in one of those states, it can always change, and eventually we'd like to expand to include the whole country in some fashion. Without getting into details, these state shows will compete to crown a state winner.  The winners will then compete against the other state winners the following season to crown ultimate TOP SCRAPS in a show TBD with bigger prizes and bigger pride which may be produced for Television.  

But lets not get ahead of ourselves too far, we've got to get through Season 2 first!  Expect details to be released throughout the winter here on but this is the official announcement to "contact us" if you're interested in applying to be on one of the shows next year.  Just cialis générique send us a message from the CONTACT PAGE.  

We're excited to be back and bring you another fun competition.  Thanks for sharing the ride!!

Battle Scraps

Welcome to Battle Scraps!

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The online hunting show that's way more than just leftovers.  Follow us this season as 5 Wisconsin teams battle it out for top Scraps and the right to say, "Yes We Can!" 

Episodes are online RIGHT NOW!!!  Just click the episode tab at the top! 


Your Battle Scraps Producers

About Battle Scraps


We are an online competition show following five, two-person teams that are your average, every day Wisconsin bow hunters. 

This reality series features Wisconsin bow hunters that made it to the top 20 of a popular Sportsman Channel show but were not cast to the final 10.  We believe these teams are as talented as the 10 teams who were cast for the TV show.  We are also convinced they will help us produce a great show as they have the motivation to prove themselves!